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2000 Platform Compact Tractors

An Economical Workhorse on Large Acreages or Small Farms – Starting at $15,500*

When you need more capabilities than you get from a small garden tractor but you don’t need all the power or price of a larger model, 2000 platform compact tractors are ideal. Get the horsepower, versatility and compact size you need for a variety of attachment or implement work around your acreage. Choose an open-station model for maximum convenience when needing to frequently get on and off of the tractor – or invest a little more for an enclosed cab model if year-round work is a must.

Compare 4000 Platform Compact Tractor Models Graphic

Choose from five 2000 platform 25-40 hp compact tractors, all offering the strength you need for a variety of projects, plus a compact 64-inch width and tight turning radius for working around buildings and trees. There are two transmission options within this platform, as well as two models that offer a factory-installed heated and air-conditioned cab for year-round productivity.

Studio Shot Of Bobcat CT2025 Compact Tractor

CT2025 (24.5 hp)

The CT2025 offers more stability and lift capacity than our sub-compact models when you’re looking for added capabilities for work around your acreage.


  • 24.5 hp
  • Open station with roll-over protective structure
  • Manual-shift or hydrostatic transmission
  • 22.2 PTO hp manual/21.8 PTO hp hydrostatic
  • Live rear PTO system
  • Mid-PTO option
  • 2,634 lb. weight

Starting at $15,300*

Bobcat CT2035 Compact Tractor With Front-End Loader

CT2035 (34.9 hp)

With the CT2035, you can move up to a more efficient engine and get added lift capacity, more operating weight and horsepower to run implements.


  • 34.9 hp
  • Open station with roll-over protective structure
  • Manual-shift or hydrostatic transmission
  • 30.8 PTO hp manual/29.4 PTO hp hydrostatic
  •  Live rear PTO system
  • Mid-PTO option
  • 8 ft. 4 in. loader lift height
  • 3,005 lb. weight

Starting at $19,500*

Bobcat CT2040 Compact Tractor On White Background

CT2040 (39.6 hp)

The CT2040 is the most powerful model in the 2000 tractor platform, so you can put more horsepower to work and still have the compact size you need.


  • 39.6 hp
  • Open station with roll-over protective structure
  • Manual-shift or hydrostatic transmission
  • 34.9 PTO hp manual/31.9 PTO hp hydrostatic
  • Live rear PTO system
  • Mid-PTO option
  • 3,005 lb. weight

Starting at $20,000*

Bobcat CT2535 Compact Tractor

CT2535 (34.9 hp)

Our most economically priced tractor with a factory-installed enclosed cab. The CT2535 is comparable to the CT2035 with the added comfort of a heated and cooled cab for doing year-round work.


  • 34.9 hp
  • Enclosed cab
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 29.4 PTO hp
  • Independent rear PTO system
  • Mid-PTO option
  • 3,585 lb. weight

Starting at $30,800*

Bobcat CT2540 Compact Tractor With Front End Loader

CT2540 (37.6 hp)

Get a compact tractor plus the added horsepower and features you need for all the work you dream of doing on your acreage. The extra horsepower, greater operating weight and factory-installed cab help you do more.


  • 37.6 hp
  • Enclosed cab
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 31.9 PTO hp
  • Independent rear PTO system
  • Mid-PTO option
  • 3,585 lb. weight

Starting at $32,400*

Get the Inside Scoop on 2000 Platform Tractors

James Crouch, Bobcat senior product manager, provides the lowdown on how the features, horsepower and maneuverability of this popular size class are ideal for versatile work on acreages and small farms.

Do More Using Attachments and Implements

Get the most work from your tractor investment by pairing your machine with the right attachment or implement for the job. Whether you’re moving snow, clearing overgrown ditches or hauling landscape materials, you can get outside and get more done on your property with the right equipment.

Consider these pairings, then talk with your local dealer about the best tractor and attachments or implements to tackle property maintenance around your property.

Mowing Acreage:
CT2025 + Mid-PTO option + 60-inch mid-mount mower

Mowing Tough/Wet Grass on Acreage:
CT2040 or CT2540 + 60-inch finish mower (three-point)

Clearing Ditches  
CT2535 or CT2035 + 48-inch rotary cutter (three-point)

Maintaining Gravel Driveway
CT2535 or CT2540 + angle blade (three-point)

Preparing Land for Planting
CT2540 + tiller (three-point)

Here are a few tractor attachment and implement recommendations for digging around your property. Visit your local dealer to find the best fit for your work.

Digging Holes for a Few Trees or Shrubs
CT2025 or CT2035 + auger (three-point)

Digging Holes for Large Quantity of Fence Posts
CT2035 or CT2535auger (three-point)

Trenching for Irrigation Lines
CT2040 or CT2540 + backhoe

Need to haul materials around your property?  Here are some recommendations. Talk with your local dealer about the work you want to do.

CT2025 + front-end loader
CT2025 or CT2035 + front-end loader
Trees or Heavier Landscape Materials
CT2040 or CT2540 + pallet fork

Animal Feed
CT2025 + front-end loader

Your local dealer can help you find the right compact tractor and snow removal attachment or implement for your needs. Here are a few recommendations to get you started.

Long Rural Driveway
CT2535 + snowblower (three-point)
Tight Driveway/In Front of Buildings
CT2535 + front-mount snowblower
Around Barns and Farm Property
CT2540 + 72-inch angle blade

2000 Platform Features

Step up to more horsepower plus added performance and comfort features with a 2000 platform tractor. When the projects pile up, you won’t mind spending extra time on this tractor.

Bobcat CT2540 Compact Tractor Seeding A Food Plot

Weather Won’t Slow You Down Inside an Enclosed Cab.

Choose a model with a factory-installed, radio-ready enclosed tractor cab and enjoy a long list of deluxe features.

  • Stay out of the weather, work longer days and accomplish more around your small farm or property all year long.
  • Mow in comfort in the heat of summer or move snow on a cold winter morning.
  • Heat, air conditioning, panoramic visibility and other creature comforts come standard with the cab.
Operator Using Bobcat CT2040 Compact Tractor With Three-Point Tine Rake Attachment To Rake Ground Around Tree In Yard

Do It Your Way By Choosing The Best Transmission for You.

The 2000 platform lineup offers hydrostatic (3-Range HST) and manual 9x3 shift transmission options based on the model you choose.

  • For maximum ease of use and fast simple direction changes, the hydrostatic option is effective for front-end loader work, mowing and maneuvering.
  • The economical manual option works well for jobs that require constant speed, such as mowing, tilling or spraying. It’s a good choice for PTO-heavy work.
Bobcat CT2535 Compact Tractor Scooping Dirt With A Front-End Loader

Get Additional Standard Features on 2000 Platform Tractors.

Get all the standard features available on all Bobcat tractor models – including four-wheel drive, high ground speeds, rear PTO and Category 1 three-point hitch and a low-noise, low-vibration engine. Plus step up to more standard features for easier operation including:

  • Power steering and an integrated loader joystick lever
  • Rear-mounted three-point hitch control lever
  • Durable metal hood and convenient one-side maintenance.


Options for Your 2000 Platform Compact Tractor.

Linked Pedal Lever

The linked pedal increases engine rpm as you engage the travel pedal, enabling operation that feels similar to driving a car. This makes for intuitive front-end loader control and enhances ease of use on a variety of jobs.
(Standard with the CT2535 and CT2540, and available as an option on the CT2025, CT2035 and CT2040 models with hydrostatic transmission.)

Tire Options

Compact tractor tire options offer a combination of reliability and ride quality to match the requirements of your work.

  • Turf tires offer less aggressive tread to minimize disturbance.
  • Industrial tires deliver great traction for all ground conditions.
  • Agricultural tires have deep lugs for better traction in soft soil and deliver more power to the ground when pulling implements.

Mid-PTO Option

Add a mid-PTO to your 2000 platform tractor to attach a mid-mount mower for superior maneuverability mowing around trees, buildings and other obstacles. By adding a mid-PTO, you have the option of combining two tools on one machine – one in the back and either one in the front or a mid-mount mower.

Accessories and Options

Choose from a variety of accessories and options available on select models, including a field cab with noise reduction kit, CD player for the field cab, rear working light kit, canopy, HST cruise kit (for hydrostatic models only), rear wiper kits, toolbox kit and more. Talk with your local Bobcat dealer for details.

Think You Need A Different Tractor Size?

Explore other platforms to find the best compact tractor to fit the work you need to do.

Operator Using Bobcat CT1025 Compact Tractor With Mid-Mount Mower To Mow Lawn

1000 Platform (21–25 hp)

Easy to Use and Affordable.

Ideal for mowing and working around barns, sheds and trees.

Starting at $11,500*

Operator Using A Bobcat CT4050 Compact Tractor With Front-End Loader To Move Mulch

4000 Platform (45–58 hp)

Strength and Versatility for Landscape Work.

Open-station tractors are versatile, heavy-duty work companions.

Starting at $23,900*

Operator Using A Bobcat CT5558 Compact Tractor With Three-Point Tine Rake Attachment To Rake Dead Limbs And Brush Along Tree Line

5000 Platform (45–58 hp)

Power Through Big Chores in Comfort.

Power through busy farm work inside a deluxe heated and cooled cab.

Starting at $36,300*

Get a Price Quote From Your Local Dealer

Considering an equipment purchase in the future? Purchasing or leasing Bobcat equipment may be more affordable than you think. Get a price quote from your local dealer by filling out your contact details.

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