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Bobcat Compact Track Loader Ownership Resources

Bobcat Compact Track Loader Ownership Resources:
Find Everything Related to Parts, Service, Maintenance, Training and More

Whether you've just purchased your first Bobcat® compact track loader or you're a seasoned operator with decades of experience, we're here to help you get the most out of your machine. Find information about parts, service, maintenance, safety and training and much more. Plus you can learn by reading articles on topics you care about.

Whether you’ve just purchased your first Bobcat® compact track loader or you’re a seasoned operator with decades of experience, we’re here to help you get the most out of your machine. Find information about parts, service, maintenance, safety and training and much more. Plus you can learn by reading articles on topics you care about.

Parts & Maintenance For Your Compact Track Loader

Minimize downtime and maintain top performance, comfort and convenience by choosing genuine Bobcat parts and maintenance programs for your compact track loader. Bobcat parts offer unmatched design, quality and durability to give you peace of mind while taking on tough jobs.

Find & Buy Genuine Bobcat Parts

Find Part Numbers

Video showing how to use the Bobcat Online Parts Catalog to find Genuine Bobcat Parts.

Search by serial number, model number or product type to find the exact part numbers for nearly any Bobcat compact track loader. That way, you’ll always purchase the right parts for your model. Watch the video to learn how to search using the online parts catalog.

Buy Parts Online

Bobcat owner search Bobcat Parts website on iPad.

Many compact track loader parts are available in the online store for easy ordering 24/7 and convenient shipping directly to your home, shop, or business. Enjoy the convenience of ordering the parts, fluids, tracks, tires, and other components needed to maintain your compact track loader right from your home or office.

Have compact track loader parts shipped directly to your door with Our standard ground shipping will get your part to you in 7-10 business days. For faster shipping, choose the optional next day air shipping option. The online store is open 24/7 and ready to ship many compact track loader parts, including:

  • Bob-Tach™ Replacement Parts
  • Bucket Teeth
  • Bristles
  • Cab and Lights
  • Cutting Edges
  • Engine Components
  • Filters
  • Fluids
  • Hydraulic Couplers
  • Maintenance Kits


Arrangement of multiple containers of fluids for Bobcat equipment.

Engine, Drive Motor and Hydraulic Oil; Antifreeze & Coolant


Arrangement of multiple filters for Bobcat equipment.

Air, Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, and Fuel Filters

Maintenance Kits

Boxed maintenance kit for Bobcat equipment.

Easy, one-step process to conveniently order maintenance items based on your compact track loader’s service hour intervals.

Why Choose Genuine Bobcat Parts

Customers and dealers give their testimonials about genuine Bobcat parts.

You might think most parts you put into your compact track loader are exactly the same, but there’s a difference between Genuine Bobcat Parts and other inferior brands. Engineering and sourcing teams work together to make sure parts deliver maximum performance when paired with Bobcat compact track loaders. For example, fluids and filters meet or exceed the minimal requirements of our engines, air and hydraulic components. This reduces the risk of unnecessary wear. Put simply, they’re tough, reliable and proven to perform.

Remanufactured Parts

Video of a Bobcat engine component receiving maintenance.

Remanufactured parts and components provide just-like-new performance and reliability at a lower cost – while helping the environment. Remanufacturing returns a product to the same condition as when it was manufactured – or sometimes better in terms of durability, lifespan and performance. Plus, they’re readily available at your dealership. Easily exchange worn out machine parts with remanufactured ones. Just bring them to your local dealer and use their value toward remanufactured replacements.

How to Inspect Your Compact Track Loader

Video about how to inspect your Bobcat skid-steer or compact track loader.

Visually inspect and service your compact track loader, including the Bob-Tach® mounting system, ROPS, tracks or tires, lift arm, hydraulic hoses, engine compartment, engine oil, fuel filter, air filter, cooling system, indicator lights, alarms and machine controls.

Maintaining Your Compact Track Loader

Maintenance at regular intervals extends the life of your compact track loader. Protect your investment by learning how to perform regular maintenance yourself, including greasing your loader, replacing a drive belt and checking your compact track loader tension. Start by reviewing the service schedule for your model of compact track loader.

How To Replace Compact Track Loader Drive Belt

Bobcat engine receiving a drive belt replacement.

Learn how to replace a drive belt on a Bobcat compact track loader, including the tools and resources you’ll need prior to starting.

How To Grease Your Compact Track Loader

Video about how to grease your Bobcat skid-steer or compact track loader.

Learn proper greasing procedures, understand recommended service intervals, and locate the grease points on the Bob-Tach® mounting system, tilt cylinder and lift arm.

How To Install A Compact Track Loader Block Heater

Bobcat engine and block heater assembly being installed.

Learn how to replace and install a block heater on your Bobcat compact track loader, including the tools and resources you’ll need prior to starting.


Training and Safety Courses for Compact Track Loaders

Bobcat operator and safety training video.

Bobcat Company offers a variety of training and safety resources for compact track loader owners, renters and operators. The options vary by machine or attachment, but they may include:

  • Safety Videos
  • Operator Training Courses 
  • Service Safety Training Courses
  • Rent-It Safely Brochure
  • Rental Condition & Delivery Reports
  • AEM Safety Manual


Classroom Training Kits

Operator training course for Bobcat loaders.

Learn about the rules and practices for the safe operation of compact track loaders. Using video presentations, classroom exercises and "hands-on" operation, the course is designed to expose trainees to safe and efficient operation, which will ultimately lead to greater productivity. Each kit includes a DVD, five handbooks, five course attendance certificates, and an administration guide.

Online Safety Training Subscription

Online operator training courses for compact track loaders are internet accessible and mobile capable.

Online operator training courses for compact track loaders are internet accessible and mobile capable—so employees can train in the field with a tablet or mobile device. Operators are right there to see the controls and try what they’ve learned, so they can put learning to work right away.


Productivity & Profitability: Get the Most Out of Your Compact Track Loader

Learn about how to maintain your equipment, grow your business, and get the most out of your compact track loader with resource articles. You’ll learn about topics, including how to select the right compact track loader, attachments you should consider for your machine, how to keep your compact track loader up and running with service and maintenance tutorials and much more.

Make Dealers Your Partners for Parts

Operator cleans undercarriage on a Bobcat T595 compact track loader.

Unexpected maintenance can slow you down – costing you time, money and lost income. Luckily, you can partner with your local dealership for quality parts and maintenance.

Four Tips to Prep Your Loader for the Busy Season

Service technician services a Bobcat compact track loader at a dealership.

When the busy season hits, you can reach maximum productivity and to minimize unexpected downtime by following a preventive maintenance checklist for your Bobcat compact loader.

Top 10 Attachments in Your Industry

Bobcat T590 compact track loader digging a hole with an auger.

Congratulations. You’re the proud owner of a new (or new to you) piece of compact equipment. Every machine comes standard with a bucket – a valuable tool, but one that isn’t built for all the work you do.

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Fuel Management for Compact Track Loaders

Engines in compact track loaders are better than ever, however in order to run smoothly, they need high-quality diesel fuel. This requires proper bulk fuel storage solutions, regular replacement of fuel filters, periodically testing and analyzing your fuel and using additives during cold weather operation.

Fuel Management for Tier 4 Engines

Operator filling a Bobcat E35 compact excavator with diesel fuel.

Diesel engines for compact equipment run cleaner than ever before. However, this makes them highly-susceptible to contamination. To keep your machine running smoothly, using high-quality fuel, replace your fuel filters regularly, and take note of other fuel best practices.

Winter Diesel Fuel Additives for Bobcat Engines

Bobcat all tier diesel fuel additive solution.

Diesel fuel additives can help when fuel quality is suspect and temperatures turn cold. While not every diesel fuel additive provides the same level of performance and value, high-quality additives provide many benefits during cold weather operation.

Bulk Fuel Considerations for Tier 4 Engines

Operator filling a Bobcat T770 compact track loader with diesel fuel.

When storing bulk diesel fuel, several steps must be taken to meet the fuel cleanliness requirements for your Tier 4 equipment. These steps include evaluating your storage solution, changing your bypass filter at least twice a year, periodically testing and analyzing your fuel and establish a record keeping system.

Planned Maintenance for Compact Track Loaders

Bobcat Protection Plus planned maintenance logo.

Planned Maintenance from Bobcat guards against repair costs and unplanned machine failures. Relying on trained service technicians and genuine parts, it allows you to schedule maintenance when your machine isn’t being used – not when it needs quick maintenance in the middle of your busy season.

  • Avoid risk by preventing major repairs and complete failures.
  • Accomplish more by reducing downtime and increasing your productivity and profitability.
  • Save money by catching problems before they become costly in both time and money.


Manuals & Resources: Operation, Service and Parts Manuals for Compact Track Loaders

Find official manuals for everything related to your equipment. Our selection includes manuals for operation and maintenance, parts, and service:

  • Operation and Maintenance Manual: Learn to operate and properly maintain your machine.
  • Parts Manual: Find replacement parts and accessories for your machine with parts lists and drawings for your machine.
  • Service Manual: Learn how to properly service your machine. Get detailed specifications and learn about proper repair procedures.

Parts Manuals

Learn how to troubleshoot common machine issues with parts lists and drawings.

Service Manuals

Learn how to properly repair your machine with detailed specifications and repair procedures.

Operation & Maintenance Manuals

Learn how to operate and maintain your machine with operating and upkeep instructions.

Have A Question? Your Dealer Can Help.

Whether you’re doing maintenance for your compact track loader, diagnosing and fixing issues, looking for parts or just need help solving a problem, your local Bobcat dealer is ready to help you get your machine running again and get you back to work.